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          無鉛錫膏 OM350

          無鉛錫膏 OM350


          ALPHA OM-350 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste suitable for fine feature printing and reflow using most demanding soak reflow profiles in air and nitrogen atmospheres.

          The outstanding reflow process window of ALPHA OM-350 delivers good soldering on OSP-Cu, Immersion Ag, Immersion Sn, ENIG and Lead-Free HASL surface finishes.

          ALPHA OM-350’s compliance with ROL0 IPC and IPC Class III voiding classifications ensures maximum long-term product reliability.

          Compliance to environmental standards, including RoHS allows global application of ALPHA OM-350.


          Excellent Pin-in-Paste (Paste-in-Hole) Performance: demonstrated both for printing, dispensing (or pin transfer) SMT applications.

          Long Stencil Life: consistent performance for at least 6 hours of continuous printing without addition of new paste. 24 hour SMT production ability achieved from 20oC up to 32oC (68oF - 90oF) harsh environments.

          Stable Paste Viscosity: allows wide storage and handling window at temperatures up to 30oC for 21 days, and up to 25°C for one month.

          High Tack Force: ensures high pick-and-place yields, good self-alignment and a low tomb-stoning defect rate.

          ● Wide Reflow Profile Window: allows best quality solderability of complicated, high-density PWB assemblies in both air and nitrogen reflow, using straight ramp or soak profiles up to 200°C.

          Robust Solderability: proven to handle difficult wetting requirements of critical lead-free components, such as CSP and QFN…etc. on a variety of lead-free board finishes, OSP-Cu, Immersion Ag, Immersion Sn, ENIG & LF HASL.

          Reduced Random Solder Ball Levels: minimizes rework and increases first time yield.

          Voiding Performance: meets highest IPC classification of Class III for important ball grid array components.

          Excellent Solder Joint and Flux Residue Cosmetics: after reflow soldering even using long/high thermal soaking without charring or burning.

          First-rate Reliability Properties: excess variety of industry and customer standards, halide free material graded ROL0 according to IPC classification.

          Safe and Environmentally Friendly: materials comply with RoHS requirement, as well as TOSCA & EINECS. No toxic material used in the paste.


          Alloys: SAC305 (96.5%Sn 3.0%Ag 0.5%Cu)

          SACX 0307 (99% Sn 0.3% Ag 0.7% Cu)

          Also available in other Sn-Ag-Cu alloys upon request

          Powder Size: Type 3 (25 - 45 μm per IPC J-STD-005)

          Type 4 (20 - 38 μm per IPC J-STD-005)

          Type 5 (<25 μm per IPC J-STD-005)

          Residue: Approximately 5% by weight

          Packaging Sizes: 500 gram jars (standard package), 500/1000g cartridges also available.


          The following are the general guidelines for initial SMT process set-up using well maintained equipment and properly handled materials. Some deviations from the guidelines may occur for specific combinations of PWB assemblies and SMT equipment.

          A. PRINTING Parameter


          Additional   Information

          Stencil   Design

          Pad/wall   area ratio >0.55 to achieve consistently good paste deposits.

          Laser cut or   Electroform stencils.

          References   minimum circle sizes for various stencil thickness:

          330μm (~13   mil) circle w/ 0.15mm (6 mil) stencil

          280μm (~11   mil) circle w/ 0.12mm (5 mil) stencil

          225μm (9   mil) circle w / 0.10mm (4 mil) stencil


          Metal   squeegee

          Down Stop   (MPM printer only)

          1.9 to 2.2   mm (0.07 – 0.09 in.)

          MPM specific   setting.

          Printing   Pressure

          0.15 –   0.40kg/cm

          (0.84 – 2.2   lb/in)

          Pressure to   be optimized for specific assembly

          Printing   Speed

          25 - 100   mm/second

          (1 – 4   in/second)

          50 mm/second   - 2 in/ second preferred

          Separation   Speed

          1 - 20   mm/second

          (0.04 – 0.8   in/second)

          Slow release   is recommended (separation speed should be set up under microscope inspection   of deposit)

          Squeegee   Lift & Dwell Height

          10 - 15 mm   (0.4 – 0.6 in) recommended

          Please refer   to the details below

          Working   Temperature

          20oC –   32 oC  

          (68oF –   90oF)  

          Paste Volume   to Add

          Paste volume   should be kept just below the squeegee assembly clearance

          Minimize   paste sticking to the squeegee holder which increases maintenance and   degrades the paste



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